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40 Charles Street, Boston, MA. 02114

Core De Vie means Heart Of Life!  What’s your Heart Of Life?

Ellen Comerford started Core De Vie, home of GYROTONIC Boston Beacon Hill, with her husband and partner, Mark Comerford in 2006.

Core De Vie is Boston’s most unique lifestyle and boutique wellness center dedicated to achieving healthy lifestyle goals. Situated on Charles Street in the heart of Beacon Hill, Core De Vie strives to empower the community, both clients and employees alike, to reach beyond their own perceived limitations.

Our team is constantly working to create and cultivate functional approaches, with optimal body alignment to all of your movement inside and outside of our studio.

By combining Restorative Exercise, Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic, Advanced Myofascial Release, Vibration Training, Postural and Movement Analysis, Strength, Flexibility, Cardio, and HIIT Training, Massage, and Holistic Health Counseling, (and more!), Core De Vie can help you realize your fullest potential in all aspects of life, and in turn contribute to the betterment of our collective community.





My goal was to move from walking modest distances with difficulty to playing 18 holes of golf pain free…walking 18 holes. Working 3 to 4 times a week over a 10-week period, Ellen got me there through a combination of Gyrotonic and Yamuna Body work.”

Jack Welch, Sept 2011

“Having a back problem for over 2 years, and being back from a long plane flight, I was nicely surprised with the most amazing and stimulating class I had with Ellen at the Core De Vie Studio!  Ellen is so enthusiastic about her work, is knowledgeable about the human body, correct posture and healing that made my entire class an unique experience. After one hour of class, arriving with very little mobility and feeling “stiff”, Ellen was able to do a few exercises with me that made me feel “cured”.  I will, for sure, schedule other classes with her!”
Vania N, 8/3/14


“Yamuna Body Rolling, Phase 1 Experiential Anatomy:  Ellen is a fabulous teacher!  A synthesis  of rich knowledge!  Thank you for enriching my life of BODY with new ALIVE open and vital existence.  I want more!!!”
Brennan Murphy, 11/23/14


“Steve is the best.  I wish I could give him a thousand thank you’s!  My life is better every time I see Steve!!


“My foot is all better!!!”
Susan D. December 2014  (comment book at front desk.  Susan attended Ellen’s foot fitness workshop…she had been told she needed surgery)


“Core De Vie’s regenerating cream is AMAZING!!!!  I drive miles for it!!!”
(comment book at front desk)


“I have been working with Ellen for several months to help a creaky/arthritic hip, and to prevent a total hip replacement.  Utilizing Body Logic, core strengthening, and body alignment I have not only eliminated the need for any pain relief, but my PT has dismissed me from her practice as I have regained a normal range of motion.  If someone is looking for a holistic approach to healing the body, working with Ellen is the way to go!  She has years, and years of experience in the field with a wealth of knowledge that bridges several  modalities. I can not believe the results, and am so glad that I found Ellen!”
Mary A.  March 2016