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Acceleration Training at Core De Vie

MalePoster_A16_FrontPlankSet your workout to VIBRATE

with Power Plate®!

56% Faster Weight Loss

26% Cellulite Loss

faster strength gains than conventional workouts

…in just 30 minutes!

Introducing a new way to increase the efficiency of your workouts – add acceleration!

Power Plate adds acceleration using vibration technology so you can lose more fat & cellulite faster and in shorter workout sessions than traditional weight training!

First developed for the Russian Space Program and then used by their Olympic athletes, acceleration technology combines strength, cardio, flexibility and even adds massage to the end of the session so you walk away feeling amazing.

Core De Vie offers both group classes and private sessions.

Studies show 56% more weight loss than with conventional workouts and a 26% reduction in cellulite when the Power Plates are used as the primary training method.  It also showed a higher percentage of visceral fat – the dangerous belly fat that surrounds the organs. Additional benefits include increased bone density, lymphatic drainage, and increased circulation.  You can learn more and see additional studies at

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