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Foot Fitness with Ellen Comerford
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Foot Fitness

Do you know what your feet should be doing when you walk?  run? (it’s different you know), stand?

Your toes should be the widest part of your foot!!!

Where is your body weight loaded?  Toes?  Heels?

Our feet should be nifty little springs for our entire body.   They are possibly the most neglected and abused parts of our anatomy, yet our lives and lifestyles depend on them. We often stuff them into fashionable shoes, prop them up as we walk in high heels, or pound out stride after stride in marathons and sporting events.

The health and alignment of our feet also has a dramatic effect on our other joints, knees, hips, and even our spines. Our feet have 26 bones in them (1/3 of our bones are below the ankle), yet we rarely articulate them.  (especially when they are confined in rigid shoes all day.)

Core De Vie offers healing regimens, exercises and products that can help to reverse the years of abuse that we subject our feet to. Spend a foot fitness session with Ellen Comerford … you’ll be amazed at how good your feet can feel.

We also have products that will help you maintain and improve your foot health. Yamuna Foot wakers and correct toes will help your feet return to fitness.


Products I highly recommend:

Yoga Toes

Yamuna Foot Wakers


“My foot is all better!!!”
12/20/14 from Susan (who attended Ellen’s foot fitness workshop November 19th…she had been told she needed surgery)


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