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Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®

Movement should feel GOOD!  This work is based on natural movement patterns that we have lost due to chairs and shoes.

Created by Juliu Horvath to heal injuries and damage sustained as a world class ballet dancer, GYROTONIC® is an exercise system rooted in spinal motion. Designed to improve flexibility and balance as well as joint and muscle strength, GYROTONIC® is based on spiraling motions, which help to avoid the usual side effects of linear, high-impact repetitive exercise.
Each exercise guides you through natural joint articulations, paying particular attention to the spine, deep muscles, and connective tissue that is usually missed with traditional workouts. With GYROTONIC®, you will enjoy improved posture, flexibility, strength, energy and coordination.  It changes ALL of your movements.

Learn more by visiting the Gyrotonic® website.

Core De Vie is Boston’s leading GYROTONIC® movement center, offering private and group classes. See Shaq (Shaquile O’Neal) talk about GYROTONIC®.


You can schedule a private, duet, or trio.





Gyrokinesis ClassGYROKINESIS® espouses the same principles as GYROTONIC®, but incorporates them into floor exercises. Developed from a lifetime of observing movement in humans and throughout nature, postures connect with fluid accord, giving a routine the look and feel of dance. Many of the motions are described and taught by having one visualize the motion of a creature in the wild, unconstrained by the forces that modern lifestyle imposes upon us.

It will invigorate your body, helping you to move with power and grace.

Learn more by visiting the Gyrotonic® website.