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Nourrissant Skin Care Products

Core De Vie Nantucket NourrissantTM All Natural Skin Care Products

Nantucket NourrissantTM development began in our holistic spa in 2009. It was born of Ellen’s vision that we use only safe, natural, yet highly effective skin care products in our spa. Our search for a safe – paraben free, effective, and affordable skin care line was to no avail – so we set out to create our own.

Our proprietary formulations are based on integral preservative systems which contain no parabens. They are designed such that the combination of ingredients work together to provide a broad spectrum preservative system.

Silk Proteins, minerals and nutrients derived from seaweed, and natural moisturizing extracts, work in unison to aid in your skin’s natural regeneration process, moisturize, nourish and soothe your skin. Produced locally from 100% natural ingredients, our Nantucket NourrissantTM regenerating skin creme will leave you with a glowing complexion.

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The Nantucket NourrissantTM system, includes a refreshing activated charcoal cleanser, sea mineral toner mist, intense moisture facial serum, exfoliating pumpkin enzyme mask, and a regenerating moisturizing creme. Each product complements the others and together provide all the treatment your skin needs.

The activated charcoal in this one step all natural cleanser absorbs microbial toxins while the moisturizing extracts, vitamins, and oils, aid in protecting your lipid barrier.

The Sea Mineral Toner is full of nutrients and minerals some of which are more available in ocean water than anywhere else on earth. It completes the cleansing process and prepares the skin to allow fuller absorption of the next 2 steps.

Next, our intense facial serum deeply penetrates moisture and anti-oxidant elements.

Finally, the regenerating creme supplies a rich array of natural moisturizing oils, and anti-oxidants that are readily absorbed by the skin.

Liquids placed on your skin are absorbed virtually immediately, with no digestive system to break them down or filter them out prior to entering your bloodstream. Many commercial products, use synthetic parabens (petrolium derivatives) as preservatives to give them 2 year shelf lives. Parabens have been shown to mimic estrogen and have been found in breast cancer tumors. No causal link has been established; however, several research studies are ongoing.

Brown kelp seaweed extract (Fucus Vesiculosis / Asphyllum Nodosum) harvested locally from Nantucket’s federally protected pristine waters is infused in each ounce of regenerating creme along with the highest concentration of silk peptides possible, providing a soothing texture for a pleasurable skin care experience. Each product, is a component of a skin care system, designed to help maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. This unique and proprietary silk and Nantucket seaweed formulation, was developed at Core De Vie along with Shamanuti and this combination of ingredients can not be found in other skin care products.

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