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Power Plate

Acceleration Training with Power Plate®Plank-Power-Plate-250

Small semiprivate 25 minute classes are limited to 3 people.

Private sessions may be booked to tailor your session!

Vibration and Acceleration training

Your fastest path to weight loss and fitness results


Power Plate® is :

-More than 50 US professional sports teams from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL

-More than 40 top tier US colleges and university sports programs

-More than 20 professional golfers and trainers from the PGA

-NASA and the US Olympic Training Center in Boulder, CO

-Rehab Hospitals including the Mayo Clinic

-Celebrities including Clint Eastwood, Elle McPhereson, Madonna, and Morgan Freeman.  

There are over 180 studies showing vibration training benefits. Learn more about Weight Loss, Cellulite Loss, Strength Gains, and Bone Density benefits. You can also learn more by visiting the Power Plate® web site

The Benefits include:

Weight Loss

Reduces Visceral body fat and enhances metabolism.


A Belgian study has shown a 56% imporvement in weight loss compared to conventional exercise alone.

Cellulite Reduction

Diminishes the appearance

of cellulite.


Participants in a German study achieved a 25% reduction of celulite using Power Plate® equipment only.


Improves muscle tone, builds power and endurance.


Athletes training with Power Plate® equipment experienced a 3.6% increase

in speed, 5.1% increase in step length, 7.2% increase in vertical leap and 2.7% increase in sprint performance.


Acceleration Training has been shown to lead to a 7.8% overall improvement in explosive strength endurance.

Improved Bone Density

Increases bone mineral density and prevents osteoporosis bone loss related to aging.


Participants in a study achieved a 1.5% net increase in bone density after using Power Plate® equipment regularly.


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