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Ellen is the best in the business..Love her as she has me playing golf and WALKING 18 holes

Jack Welch (10/13)

In 2009, a life threatening staph infection from a shot landed me in the hospital for nearly 100 days. During this hospital stay, my leg muscles atrophied, and after my release, walking was very difficult. Through a variety of excellent practitioners in New York and Florida, I actually got back to 70% of my pre-hospital mobility.

I had worked with Ellen Comerford, the founder of Core De Vie, in Boston from 2003 to 2008. Fortunately, I found her again this summer in Nantucket – Jack Welch

My goal was to move from walking modest distances with difficulty to playing 18 holes of golf pain free…walking the 18 holes. Working 3 to 4 times a week over a 10 week period, Ellen got me there through a combination of Gyrotonic® and Yamuna Body Work.

While I won’t beat Tiger Woods anytime soon, I have had a great summer of golf, walking comfortably through the month of August.

Jack Welch 7/2012

Just one session with Ellen made a world of difference!  I feel so much better now, than when I arrived.  Will be back!  Thank you!  Kirstin ( Trying to avoid knee replacement…  Yamuna Foot Fitness, Alignment and movement analysis, Gyrotonic.) (2/24/15)


“Having a back problem for over 2 years, and being back from a long plane flight, I was nicely surprised with the most amazing and stimulating class I had with Ellen at the Core De Vie Studio!  Ellen is so enthusiastic about her work, is knowledgeable about the human body, correct posture and healing that made my entire class an unique experience. After one hour of class, arriving with very little mobility and feeling “stiff”, Ellen was able to do a few exercises with me that made me feel “cured”.  I will, for sure, schedule other classes with her!”
Vania N, 8/3/14


“Yamuna Body Rolling, Phase 1 Experiential Anatomy:  Ellen is a fabulous teacher!  A synthesis  of rich knowledge!  Thank you for enriching my life of BODY with new ALIVE open and vital existence.  I want more!!!”
Brennan Murphy, 11/23/14


“Dana is fabulous!  I came in with a shoulder problem and she really worked through it and after 3 massage sessions, it feels great!!”
Henrietta G, 12/2/14

Dana – Get her. So incredible. That is all. In the season of renewal, this was the perfect way to reconnect with body and soul. Many thanks to Dana for her skill and caring. An amazing experience.


“OMG!  Holly is the best!!  She gives me a deep tissue therapeutic massage for back pain and injury.  She gets right into the muscles that hurt – helping everything heal and realign.  Holly is part of a therapeutic team I use that has taken 3 years of searing pain from a scale of 8 or 9 down to a current level of 2 or 3.  We are aiming for 0.  Thank you, Holly!”
Regina C, 12/4/14


“Steve is the best.  I wish I could give him a thousand thank you’s!  My life is better every time I see Steve!!

“My foot is all better!!!”
12/20/14 from Susan (who attended Ellen’s foot fitness workshop November 19th…she had been told she needed surgery)


“Core De Vie’s regenerating cream is AMAZING!!!!  I drive miles for it!!!