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Welcome from Ellen Comerford

We at Core De Vie strive to promote healthy lifestyles and an improved quality of life for everyone in our community. We want to insure that we provide relevant and timely access to information that we can all use in our everyday health related decisions.

We also want this to become an interactive community forum where everyone can participate and post comments or thoughts on the articles and posted here. Along with our GYROTONIC®, Pilates, and Yoga fitness regimens, our acupuncture, holistic  spa services, our emerging  holistic health programs, and our lifestyle products are designed to enable lifestyle changes that become permanent changes without struggling with the traditional ideas associated with dieting.

This blog should be a forum where everyone in the community feels comfortable in participate in the process and providing their own insights on the topics covered here. We invite you to comment on this and make it a truly community base.

Warm Regards from Ellen and the Core De Vie family

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  1. Bridget Tell says:


    It’s bridge! I’m in Boston, give me a ring!!

    Hope you Mark and Pasha are well!!


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